Telephone Reassurance

The Telephone Reassurance Program serves seniors and the disabled. In addition to checking on the physical well-being of the client, the program also services the client by reducing loneliness and providing clients an opportunity to be in contact with another person. With advances in medical care and greater life expectancy, elderly residents are increasingly isolated as they outlive their friends and family.

Daily calls from trained volunteers ensure their health and well being and help identify concerns before they escalate into more serious hardships.

Telephone Reassurance Provides Clients:
1)   Daily/Weekly contact with seniors and the disabled, who live alone
2)   Friendly contact to help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness
3)   A service that helps to enable a senior to continue living independently

Additional referrals and services are offered to many clients through coordination with the other Senior Services Programs available through Aging Services.

This services is available to any senior or disabled person, who lives alone and has no one to regularly check on his or her well being and security. 

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Telephone Reassurance Program